3 Tips to improving your chances of being hired

Finding a job is no easy feat, with the recent concerns around Brexit, the UK economy has been a little cautious and employers although still recruiting are now looking longer and harder to find the perfect candidate.

With an array of job sites, job aggregators, and social media platforms it can be difficult for job seekers to highlight the best ways in which to find a job, so here's 3 tips to improving your chances of being hired.

  1. CV and Cover Letter: If you don't have one make sure you have yourself a CV and Covering Letter. Even in this digital age, a professional CV and a well-written cover letter will help break the ice and convert your job application into a well-deserved job interview. Surf4jobs offers a CV and Cover writing service, starting from just £19.99.

  2. Your Social Media Profile: Beleive it or not, many employers now do a social media search before deciding to hire you. It is imperative you ensure that you act professionally at all times. If you have a tendency to be a little wild we recommend you adjust the privacy settings on your social media pages. It’s not a good idea to post pictures of your best mates stag do on an open facebook page, particularly if a potential employer is looking.

  3. Job Sites and Recruitment Agencies: It is no secret, the best way to improve your chances of being hired is to actually go and surf for jobs. Being proactive and applying for jobs is the best way to get a job. You can improve your chances by uploading your CV to job boards like We also recommend you use recruitment agencies who can offer you targeted support and guidance. Register as a job seeker on and find your next job today.