4 Ways to Staying Calm on Interview Day

Finally, you've applied for that perfect corporate job and been invited for an interview.

The morning of the interview arrives, you stand firm whilst staring at the mirror in your bathroom, you feel the butterflies in your stomach and realise that today is going to be difficult. In fact it dawns on you that you didn't get quite as much sleep as you usually do, you become agitated and anxious, you take a deep breath and read this article:

The article kindly posted by on their blog, lists 4 ways to staying calm on interview day. Let's take a look:

  1. Preparation & Prevention: The day before your interview is almost as important as the interview day itself. Try to eat a healthy dinner and avoid foods that cause bloating or that may irritate your digestive system, take a long warm shower or bath using lavender essential oils or epsom salts to help calm any nerves and settle you for bed.

  2. Sleep: We acknowledge that its difficult to get to sleep the night before interview day and understand that the nerves and anxiety play a big part in this but if you’ve followed point one you will at this stage already be feeling less anxious and less nervous. Have a herbal tea like chamomile and sink into a book just before bed, this will help you relax further and hopefully help you get a good night's sleep.

  3. Meditation: A strong word may for some, but meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. We recommend you wake up 30 minutes earlier and take 10 minutes to sit in silence and meditate. If you're not sure on how to do this download the Headspace app.

  4. Breathing Techniques: If you feel yourself getting nervous or anxious on your way into the interview or whilst waiting to be called. You can try the following 7 to 11 breathing technique to calm your nerves: Breathe in and out through your nose, In for a count of 7 and out for a count of 11The important thing is to breathe out longer than you breathe in.

We’ve placed some links into this article to help you quickly source products that can help ease your anxieties on interview day and help you land that new job.