4 Tips for a Perfect CV

It takes less than ten seconds to get the attention of the person reading your CV. If you cannot impress them within this time, it is highly likely that you have failed to gain an interview.

Your CV provides the ultimate opportunity to display your assets to a potential employer. Make sure that your CV highlights your experience and background, your education and personal skills in a way that can easily be absorbed. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial parts in your CV.

1. Spelling and Presentation

Go through your CV and correct any mistakes, ensuring that it is well-structured and interesting to read. You can use subheadings, bold letters and different colours. Do not use long sentences and go into too much detail, try to keep it simple and professional.  

Having spelling and grammar mistakes on your CV guarantees your CV will meet the shredder quicker than you can say “hire me.”

2. Highlight your Skills

An experienced eye has been trained to scan through your CV within seconds. Put yourself in an employer’s shoes, understand that they are skimming through hundreds of CV’s. You must highlight everything you want them to know first. This includes specialised training in the position you are seeking, impressive skills and prior experience. In this way, you know that the person reading your CV will have a snapshot of your most important job skills.  

Focus on your strong points and let others know that you are committed and determined to succeed. If you have worked at a relevant position before, now is the time to inform others on your contribution to the firm. How have they profited from you? Include any professional achievements.

3. Customise

You may have a multitude of skills or experience in different sectors, there are pro’s and con's to this. Let's assume you are applying for a job as a social media manager, you want to highlight relevant skills and experience. Your work experience in your uncle's fishmongers is not relevant and is something that doesn't need to be included. If you need more than one CV then go for it.

4. Use The Correct Format

Many employers and recruitment agencies prefer CV’s to be provided in Microsoft word’s .doc format, this is mainly so that recruitment agencies can make changes to your CV in order to fix spelling or grammar mistakes, adjust the document layout and generally make your more saleable. A pdf is not easily editable.

Get Applying

When searching for a job you need to get your cv across to as many employers and recruitment agencies as possible. This can be done by registering at, via job aggregators like indeed and of course by contacting recruitment agencies. In reality the more job applications you fill-in the better chance you have of landing a new job.

Pursuing the right job is no easy feat, many people tend not to take their job search seriously. Invest time in structuring your CV it really does work.

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