5 Superb Interview Day Tips

So you've managed to get yourself an interview, well done. You’ve also primed yourself by reading through our blog “4 ways to staying calm on interview day.” However you still have unanswered questions like; shall I wear a tie or not, or shall I wear high heels or flats. We’ve put together 10 superb interview day tips to help make your interview a success, keep reading.

  1. Appearance & Dress Code

First impressions count and unfortunately everyone does judge a book by its cover. The purpose of an interview is to be judged and scrutinised therefore, don't give your potential employer any reason to reject you. Dress in usual smart office attire, this means clean white shirts, trousers and shoes for men, and the equivalent blouse, work trousers and smart shoes for women. Also ensure you are generally well groomed for the interview, a nice aftershave or perfume won't do any harm but less is more.

2. Knowledge

We think it’s important to be knowledgeable, of course it is, it's your knowledge that's got you the interview in the first place right? Well that might be the case but it’s equally, if not more important to know the company you're interviewing to work in.

Get a good grasp of the company’s ethos, their mission, their products and the way they use social media. In this way, when the interviewer asks you “What do you know about our company and how we work?” You will have the knowledge to answer the question.

3. Punctuality

Whatever you do, do not be late to an interview. Employers frown on poor time keeping and if you're really unlucky the interviewer may usher you away due to you being late to the appointment. Prepare well for the interview, get your clothes and belongings ready the night before and leave home early, factoring in delays in transport etc.

4. Attitude

As soon as you arrive at the interview location, you should smile and keep smiling. Be polite, cheerful and greet people as you are passing by or sitting in the waiting room. You can never be sure who the interviewer will be so be nice to everyone. Greeting the interviewer with a nice big smile and a firm handshake is a great way to start the interview.

5. Ask

It is important to show the interviewer that you are serious about the job role. Ask questions about the role, and show you that if you are successful you are willing to develop in your role. Consider therefore asking the following question: What type of training and development will be made available to me.

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